Fairy Wands and a jewelry box, let’s begin!

I am proud to say I am a seller at a local shop, and am preparing for sale at another.  Both these shops are metaphysical in nature.  You’re likely to find herbs, tea blends, salves, oils, jewelry, hand knit items, yarn  and more at each.  Most decidedly, but not intentionally, having few offering for children.  Especially for children’s fun and play.  I have a few ideas to remedy this.  I’m starting with fairy wands and bubble wands.

The materials so far are pretty simple.  I did buy the dowels from the hardware store, and some wood care oil.  The rest I have in my ever building pile of materials and supplies.   Ribbon, wire, beads, pliers etc.  My supplies come from every likely and unlikely source.  Goodwill and the consignment shops are always on my list.  There’s also Restore, a shop which accepts donations of extra building materials and housing supplies.  The money they get goes to Habitat for Humanity.  As you can tell, I prefer to use second hand materials whenever possible.  Re-use, re-love, re-imagine.

These wands I am making with great care.  Here are the dowels, oak and just cut.

Now here they are, 5 of them ready for decoration.  They have been sanded, the ends shaped and rounded with a dremmel hand tool.   Next I coated them with orange oil wood treatment.   This was my first time at this, and I simply love how they turned out.  Gorgeous and natural.

Keep an eye out for what they will look like next.

I said something about a jewelry box, did I not.  This cutie I found a Goodwill.  Looks ok pre-fab…but I plan to make it look even better and truly unique.

I think that’s all for tonight.   It is time to get back to work :).


~ by Unexpected Arts on May 4, 2011.

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