Salt Candle Holders…via Wee Folk Art

This is an idea I had to try that I found at  Wee Folk Art  !  For their celebration of Candlemas a short time ago she and her little ones made snow candles.  Salt, a glass candle holder and glue, modge podge or sealant.  I’ll let you follow the link so she gets the credit as properly as I can manage.

I will say I made mine with Elmers white school glue, iodized salt, a foam brush, a stencil brush and water.   Wax paper comes in handy, as does a paper plate.   I let mine dry for about 18 hours or so in a 60F house, and  still wanted to  pull away while working, but those parts may just not have adhered well.   There seemed to be some reaction between the two if there was too much salt.  Like a salt glaze perhaps, I am not too sure.   This one here is with one layer of glue at full strength for the base and one coat of watered to seal it in.  The second layer took longer to full dry, and some salt finds it way off, but it has become pretty stable since.  Being and overdoer at time, I will likely give it one more coat, just to be on the safe side you understand.

I am quite happy with the results,  though be warned, the process is a bit tricky, at least with this glue.   Still, I can not wait to try this with the colored glass tea light holders that just found their way home.

Please, do only use glass that is tempered and designed to be a candle holder.  I have had a jelly glass shatter with a little candle in it, so this is not an idle reminder.  I love candles, but I love my three readers and do not want to see anybody hurt or worse.

Namaste and Brightest Blessings,

Rebecca Jean


PS  Something to try with it when I perfect this, ah, who am I kidding, probably the next go round… Salt glitter


~ by Unexpected Arts on February 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Salt Candle Holders…via Wee Folk Art”

  1. Your salt candle turned out great. I’ve got to say I think you used a lot more salt that I did. Also, I used kosher salt. I wonder if that made a difference because I didn’t have problems with it sticking. Anyway… looks great 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link on FB.

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