Surprise Eggs

Break open to find the hidden semi-precious stone. Amethyst? Rose Quartz? Crystal?

Break open to find the hidden semi-precious stone baked inside!

An idea from that I had to create. So much fun! I made some changes to the original “recipe”, but again I will ask you to visit the original site for the how to’s.

The basic components, though, are simple. Flour, salt, used coffee grounds, sand and water. These are mixed into a dough, a gritty clay really, and formed into the shape you want. A surprise is hidden inside. Mind you, these do go in the oven to harden, so it must be something that won’t melt. I chose small, tumbled, semi-precious stones such as rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz. There is baking spray used so the stone will release when these are cracked open to find the surprise.

I experimented with paint on my test batch for the decoration, but I found my acrylic soaked in and it would take a few coats to get a really good effect. Plus, I really wanted to try the salt glitter I found about. This is a simple recipe I have found everywhere. Simply add food coloring to salt. I did two tablespoons of salt to a quick squirt of coloring. Spread it out on a baking sheet. I used a layer of tinfoil too, so I could just fold the foil and pour the salt into individual containers. I mixed some of the colored salt into each egg I shaped.

The last thing to do was decorate. I spread white glue on top of each, and sprinkled on the salt glitter. I think they look like awesome geode slices 🙂 They turned out better they I could have hoped! Truly a great alternative to plastic eggs, and with a better surprise then candy.

Baking salt glitter. Made with food coloring and table salt.


Finished salt glitter

A batch of baked eggs, before decoration.


~ by Unexpected Arts on March 15, 2012.

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