Walking sticks

Late last summer I found a large pile of cute hemlock at the end of the driveway.   I asked the landowners if I could have some.   They said I was welcome to as much as I wanted.  It was cut the year before and the person who said they would take it away never did.  Free dry wood.  Big big score.  So when the weather is nice, I work on carving a few sticks from the bunch.  These two have just gone through a nice sanding and have fresh cuts to their ends.

The bonus in this project is that the best tool I’ve come to so far is one of my Dad’s old wood handle folding knives.  My dad passed when I was 12, so this is pretty special to me.  Needs a cleaning again yes, didn’t feel like getting oil on my hands tonight to get the sap off.



These sticks will eventually get a coating of tung oil, and decorated for sale.

I’m interested in finding out lore on hemlocks if anybody has some to share.



Rebecca Jean


~ by Unexpected Arts on April 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Walking sticks”

  1. Hi Rebecca, couldn’t find another way to contact you. You are welcome to make the little mice and sell them; thank you for asking. It might be nice to have a little tag with something like ‘inspired by and a link to my blog’ but Ill leave it up to you. Cheers, Shannon.

    • Thank you very much Shannon 🙂 Yea, I didn’t see an option to leave an e-mail with comment… I’m excited to share the mouse/ rat love as I’ve had many rats as pets, and a growing collection of mice and rat decorations.

      All the best,

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