Unexpected Arts features the creative works of Rebecca J. Allard.  I believe that art can be practical,  that art does not have to come from brand new materials and that art is as good for the one who gets it as the one who makes it.   It can take a certain spirit to make an object.  I think that the care, the  love and joy that goes into creating can be felt be the one who receives it.  That is why there is something special about handmade.  That is also why it is to reclaiming materials.  There is simply less bulk put out, and less wasted.  It feels good.  Sometimes it gives.  I get from charity seller whenever possible, or where some one not some business with make the profit.

A few sources I like.

Goodwill.  The price is reasonable, the profits go to charity.

Consignment stores, more are popping up all around.  Buying here is likely to support local business and local vendors.

Yard sales.  Someones junk is another person’s treasure.

Family and friends.  Sometimes there is stuff lying around, things that will not be used again by them, but may be just the thing for you.  You get a new piece of art, they get more space.

My thoughts re-use, re-love, re-imagine.



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